Jose Correnas is a blue collar worker, producing welded tubes. His job entails many repetitive actions, such that he has developed carpel tunnel syndrome. As a result his productivity has fallen and his relationship with his boss has deteriorated. Mary Brown has been suffering from chronic fatigue and depression, and has diabetes. She has missed many work days as a result of all of these problems and because of side effects from her medications.

These stories are not real but are typical. Could these stories have happy endings? Sure. Both Jose and Mary are covered by their extended health care plans for naturopathic medicine. Like many employees they are unaware of their benefits and of the profound effects naturopathic treatments could have on their health and lives.

Progressive organizations like Husky Injection Molding of Bolton, Ontario, recognize the incredible benefits in bringing holistic health care to their organization. They have naturopaths and massage therapists on site, an organic cafeteria and many other health related services. A naturopathic approach to wellness in corporations stands in stark contrast to the old school approach of ‘firefighting’. It gets to the root causes of problems and acts preventatively.

Husky was rated top 35 companies to work for in Canada by Canada Report on Business in 1999. Their benefits in 1999 were remarkable: saved 8.4 million, drug costs cut by 18%, voluntary turn over rate 5% below industry average, absenteeism 3.3 days below the industry average and injury claims 1.2 per 200,000 hours worked versus industry average of 7.3. In fact, a cost effectiveness review of workplace health promotion done by Community Health Services Department in Ontario showed that even if the mighty dollar is the bottom line, wellness programs make sense. For every dollar spent on wellness, Canada Life got a return of $6.85, McDonnell Douglas a return of $4, BC Hydro a return of $3.

How does this relate to naturopathic medicine? By addressing omniscient problems such as chronic pain, stress and fatigue as well as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and other dangerous diseases, an organization is able to benefit its bottom line through lower absenteeism, improved moral and reduced workplace injuries.

Naturopathic Milestones is meeting the growing demands for the development of wellness programs by offering services such as on-site individualized naturopathic consultations, lunch time workshops on stress, diet, etc., and by creating interesting incentive programs to encourage employees to take charge of their health.

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