We can all agree the flu is miserable and nobody wants it.  Here are some things I do with my patients to make for a smoother winter season.  Firstly, many of them receive a monthly shot designed in Germany of two substances called Engysol and Gripp-Heel.  Essentially when combined together this dynamic duo reduces the onset, frequency and severity of flu symptoms.  They do this by boosting the fighting capacity of your white blood cells by 41%!  These remedies do not conflict with any medications and are safe for all ages, although for children I deliver them by inhalation or oral drops.

Another key preventative is a blood test for vitamin D because even those supplementing with it can be low and often require higher doses.  This helps protect against severe upper respiratory infections and is a key preventative.  Follow the link to read more about vitamin D.

Vitamin D is not the only vitamin that will reduce your risk of a viral infection.  Many people are low in key nutrients such as selenium, zinc and vitamin A.  They are lost in the processing of grains to flours as well as full fat to low fat products.  I will often recommend Brazil nuts for their excellent selenium content and pumpkin seeds for zinc.  Diet is key!

Another huge factor in susceptibility to the flu is your stress hormone cortisol.  When stress goes up so does cortisol and this directly suppresses your immune system.  In addition to lifestyle counseling I use adaptogenic herbs like licorice, ashwganda, ginseng and Rhodia to balance cortisol levels and anxiolytic herbs like lemon balm, passionflower and skullcap to reduce anxiety.

The nettie pot is an indispensable home treatment for any symptoms of congestion in the head.  Follow the link above to view a video of me showing you how to use it!

Lastly for some tips on home treatments see my article Colds and Flu: Home Care.

Want more hands on advice?  Invite me to your company to do my Lunch and Learn on Treating Colds and Flu. It is fun and definitely a favorite.  Call 416-642-0727 to book.

To inform yourself about the conventional flu shot I have written two articles for you: Flu Shots: Do They Work and are they Safe and Flu Shots: Health Canada Perspective.


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