My Top 10 Food Products for 2013

I’m always on the hunt for new and exciting food products to help add a deliciously healthy element to your cooking.  When I find the premium combo of great wholesome ingredients combined with great taste, it goes to my recommended product list.  Here are my favourites for last year.

#1 Soul to Bowl Vegan Alfredo Sauce.  This delicious and smooth Alfredo sauce is the recipe of a local Toronto genius! Unlike many vegan products full of imitation soy and other processed ingredients, this cashew based sauce is clean and tasty! It is the only one of its kind in Canada.

#2 Paleo Wraps!  Oh My God! I have to say I feel these are life changing.  The ingredients are simply coconut meat and coconut water.  They are delicious, smooth and best of all fold flawlessly without breaking.  I use them to wrap a morning egg along with some amazing Kimchi which I will feature below.  This is a fantastic way to replace carbohydrate based wraps, for example in Burritos.

#3 Live RAW Kimchi by Gaby.  This traditional fermented Korean dish is usually made with cabbage, but Gaby makes it out of other vegetables including dandelion leaf.  I usually have it with my breakfast eggs but have tried adding it into many other dishes to give them a little bite or zest.  Truly fermented foods are healthy for the immune system and the digestive tract.

#4 Eden Selected Hot Pepper Sesame Oil.  This pepper infused sesame oil adds incredible flavour to my steamed veggies or stir fries.  Like all Eden products its quality is premium.  I find it very versatile and sensationally delicious.  It is a must have for spicing up your food.  Use it as your cooking oil or add a splash at the end.

#5 Maria’s Homestyle Noodles.  These locally made noodles are stone ground and made out of legumes such as beans and lentils.  Their super high fibre and protein content makes them stand apart from just about any noodle product I’ve seen.

#6 SeaSprinkles Roasted Sesame Snacks.  A new fantastic snack for your kids are the trendy roasted nori seaweed snacks.  Most companies use genetically modified canola oils.  This olive oil based company mades a variety of wonderful flavours.  This is a no guilt snack that packs a punch in trace minerals.

#7 GTS Synergy Organic Raw Kombucha.  This effervescent traditional fermented drink is trending in 2013.  It is made by fermenting a colony of… well better not to go into that… but the end result is a living vital and healthful drink that packs a punch in bubbles and flavour.  A large size drink contains only 1-2 teaspoons of natural sugars making it one of the only drinks on the market that is not a sugar nightmare.  Feel free to drink it every day!

#8 Gidi Yoyo Chocolates.  What! Listing chocolate under food products? Yes that is right.  Gidi Yoyo takes such pride in their authentically raw pure chocolate that this is virtually to be considered a health food.  They use cacao and not cocoa.   Not the same thing.   Follow the link to see what else sets them apart.

#9 Artisane Coconut Butter.  Don’t get confused, this is not coconut water, nor oil nor flour.  It is coconut butter, made of all the parts of the coconut mixed together.  It acts much like a peanut or almond butter.  Spread this delicious smooth butter on your bread or use it to make raw coconut butter balls!

#10 Yogurt Superboost.  These totally raw ingredient seed-grain mixes will become the new cereals in my healthy world.  They usually contain small seeds and gluten free whole grains that require very little cooking.  They can be used to toss in your yogurt, blend in your smoothies, or as a replacement morning breakfast.

 Disclaimer.  I have no business affiliations with any of these companies and make no profits from my personal endorsements.  I’m just trying to promote great foods from great companies to great people!



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