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 Why avoid commercial cosmetics? It is an absolute no-brainer for every man or woman to switch from common commercial cosmetics brands to natural ones.  Why?  What you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your mouth. Somehow we see our skin as this super barrier between the world and us.  But alas have you heard about medications such as ‘the patch’ for quitting smoking. They work because the skin is much more porous than you think and what you put on it can land up coursing through your blood stream and depositing in your tissues.  Think about how much surface area is lathered with body soaps, sun block and creams!  We spray perfumes and rub them right over our sensitive little thyroid organ.  We roll on chemicals under our arms right near our breast tissue.  Why add to your toxic load when wonderful alternatives exist for just about everything you use?!

Are natural cosmetics just as good?  I would argue that natural cosmetics are superior hands down because nothing about the commercial chemically dense products outweighs any perceived negatives about more natural products.  There are some differences you should be aware of though.  Sometimes the cleaner products will cost a bit more… a small price to pay for peace of mind I think.  Natural products such as toothpastes and shampoos don’t tend to foam as much simply because the foaming agent you us is a chemical.  It may be what you are used to but it isn’t necessary.  On the contrary, those foaming agents strip away your natural oils.

So to get you going here are my favorite natural products!

#1 Earthpaste. This amazingly natural toothpaste is so clean it says on the bottle “rinse or swallow”.  In contrast, your toothpaste likely has a warning about swallowing.  It simply contains clay, essential oils and salt in several great flavors.

#2 Organic Black Soap.  This traditional soap is moisturizing, healing and cleansing.  It is made by different companies based on a historical recipe for skin conditions.  Mine made by MAIGA contains honey, shea butter, cocoa, plantain, palm kernel oil, coconut oil and aloe.  Any brand will do.

#3 Thayers Alcohol-Free Toner.  This product can easily double up as a toner and/or aftershave.  Unlike many brands is does not contain alcohol that dries the skin.  It cools with cucumber and aloe, gently tightens the pours with witch hazel, and moisturizes with vitamin E. It is great for even the most sensitive skin.

#4 Goddess Garden Sunscreen.  It horrifies me to see people slathering chemical laden sunscreens all over their body.  More natural sunscreens contain the exact same active ingredients as the commercial ones and therefore are just as good as preventing sunburn.  But they lack all the extra junk and have soothing healing ingredients such as natural butters and essential oils. There are many more great brands such as Aubrey Organics or Green Beaver.

#5 Lavender and Tea Tree Oil Deodorants.  If you don’t already know, body odors are caused by bacteria under your arms.  All you need are good natural anti-bacterial agents to counter that odor.  Lavender is a gentler one but if you need strong protection tea tree may be a better choice.  Unlike antiperspirants these will not prevent sweating which is your body’s normal and needed way of cooling down and detoxifying.  I apply lavender directly (just a single drop under each arm) but tea tree should be diluted by just a touch of aloe vera gel as it may irritate the skin with repeated use.

Watch a live interview with me about my favorite cosmetics.

What other products are safe?  I have on my website a whole list of recommended cosmetic brands. Want to know where to find them?  Visit my link Places to Shop and Eat!

Just a warning: Even natural products produce allergic reactions in those who have allergies to the ingredients. When trying something new, always apply a small patch to the inner arm and wait 24 hours.

Top 10 ingredients to avoid in Cosmetics?

  • Urea
  • Parabens
  • Petrolatum
  • Propylene Glycol
  • PVP/VA Copolymer
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Stearalkonium Chloride
  • Synthetic Colors
  • Synthetic Fragrances
  • Triethanolamine

To find out more about each one of these visit either of these great sites: Toxins in Your Cosmetics, The Dirty Dozen, and Cosmetics Dictionary.

If you visit the drug store or go through your cosmetics referencing these ingredients you may be thinking ‘what the heck, there is nothing I can use!’. Well, to that I would say, yes it is true there is very little if anything commercially available that is not crappy.  Furthermore, I don’t expect you to memorize these ingredients.  And, there are many more ingredients beyond these I wouldn’t use.  To keep it simple, just go to a good health food store and slowly replace each of your cosmetics with something from a brand on my list or recommended by a knowledgeable employee.  You will notice if you look at a good product the ingredients all sound like things you might have heard of.  It shouldn’t seem like gibberish! People are always asking me what they can take to cleanse themselves.  My answer is not to take anything but rather to take away all the things you are using that load you up with daily chemicals.


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