Electromagnetic Fields and Your Health

Electromagnetic Fields ‘The Scientific evidence is overwhelming that there are adverse health effects associated with this, that is no longer a possible maybe, people who use those terms are just trying to protect their reputation by not being definitive; there are...

Vitamin D: It Can Save Your Life

This might be my most important newsletter to date as I believe that vitamin D can have the greatest impact on your health and at a price affordable to anyone. Vitamin D deficiencies are epidemic, and the benefits of optimal levels go far beyond simply bone health....

Curing Disease: The Four Pillars of Health

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is can a condition be cured by naturopathic medicine. What does to cure mean? In accordance with naturopathic principles a cure simply represents a return to balance whereas disease is a state of chronic imbalance. At its...
Diabetes:  An Unnecessary Epidemic

Diabetes: An Unnecessary Epidemic

The Prevalence of Diabetes. The United Nations predicts diabetes will increase by 72% world wide between 2003 and 2025. More disturbing is the 33% increase in the incidence among children the past decade in the US. While diabetes is the 6th leading cause of death in...

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